Our Commercial Services



As the owner or maintenance engineer of a commercial building, you need a structure that is not in constant disrepair, keeping your tenants safe and happy. J2 Building Consultants has experience assisting building engineers and owners with commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, and government facilities.

The last things you need are ongoing building problems that take up your time, cost you money, and make you look bad to your tenants and their customers.

J2 Building Consultants recognizes the huge responsibility that commercial property owners and maintenance engineers face. Our team of engineers, architects, and project managers can help you achieve a long-term fix for your commercial property, avoiding costly ongoing repairs and unhappy tenants. 

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Services we provide commercial buildings:

  • Inspections and investigations for leaks and damage, including building envelope and roof (RRO & RRC certifications)
  • Construction defect diagnosis and repair oversight
  • Plans, specifications, and bid document preparation
  • Capital replacement plans and maintenance plans
  • Consulting and support if you have an insurance claim
  • Manager guidance
  • Due diligence buy/sell inspections and property condition assessments (PCA’s)