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Staining and Growth

Stained walls, siding, decks and growths in Apartment, Condominium, or Commercial Buildings can be a sign of a massive problem. J2 Building Consultants will diagnose & repair these issues before they become devastating. 

Typical Places to Look:

  • Siding
  • Below windows, roofs, decks, etc.
  • Bases of walls
  • Bricks (efflorescence)
  • Concrete (walls, ceiling, subgrade)

Causes of Staining and Growth in Buildings

  • Excess moisture behind cladding will leak out around sources.
  • The base of a wall touching landscaping, concrete, or ground will wick up moisture.
  • Excess moisture traveling through brick will leave behind white salts.
  • Excess moisture traveling through concrete will cause staining and spalling.
  • Excess moisture will cause blistering.

Contact J2 Consultants, The Building Doctors, before these become devastating problems. Our building inspection and repair process will take all of the stress off you (and your building).

Staining and Growth Before

SYMPTOM: Moss growth




SYMPTOM: Moss growth




SYMPTOM: Organic matter seeping from window weep