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Building Envelope Study

An Envelope Study by J2 Building Consultants is a check-up for your building, it provides an ongoing, baseline record of how your building is performing. 

A common mistake among building owners, associations, and management is thinking that a building’s reserve study or capital replacement plan will keep them informed about building function. The reality is that staying updated on the health of your building requires regular analysis of the building’s envelope, or the barrier between indoors and outside. If you think of J2 Building Consultants as building doctors, then the Envelope Study is similar to an annual physical, providing pertinent information on performance and function, minimizing the occasions you could be surprised by big-ticket repairs. 

Benefits of using J2 Building Consultants as your building doctor:

  • J2 Building Consultants offers a holistic evaluation by employing construction experts from all industry fields in-house, eliminating the need for communication between trade-specific agencies, saving you time and resources.
  • Our architects and engineers are experts in building code, and will ensure your building is performing to the highest standard for resale.
  • J2 Building Consultants has spent years evaluating structure failures, developing an eye for building performance that can’t be taught.
  • J2 Building Consultants travel nationally and can begin the assessment process virtually.
  • A variety of solution sequences and cost scenarios are provided, giving the ultimate project decisions to you, the client. 

Just as procrastinating against your own doctor’s appointments could result in more intensive treatments, the longer you put off regular inspection of your building, the higher the chance of invasive analysis. A phone consultation with J2 Building Consultants is free and will ensure your building’s health and longevity, increasing the overall value and reducing ongoing costs. 

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