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Our Process

At J2 Building Consultants, one of our eight core values is hospitality. It isn’t just about the construction details, it is about listening to our customers and helping them find long-term solutions.

J2’s process for healing your sick Apartment / Townhome / Condominium Community or Commercial Property consists of three clear and simple steps: diagnose, prescribe, and treat.

As Building Doctors, our goal is to make sick buildings and stressed owners healthy again through effective solutions and efficient project management.

For a more detailed explanation of what to expect throughout each phase of our process, visit our About page.


In this initial step, we investigate, interview, look at a building’s history, and create a plan to help you understand what is wrong with the building. Just like your doctor observes key symptoms, we’ll begin with a visual, non-invasive inspection of your building to locate signs of damage. This may include a building envelope study or inspection.

With years of experience and a variety of experts, our team is trained to see things others can’t. We carefully look for water intrusion, improper installation, and other common construction defects. Cracks, stains, stress, settlement, and other clues will give us an idea of the damage lying beneath the surface.

If necessary, we then do invasive testing, where we actually remove some building components to examine the condition of the underlying structure. This allows our team of experts to determine if there is hidden damage caused by water intrusion. Think of this step like a biopsy your doctor will do to get to get a closer look at the concerning areas.

During the diagnostic phase, we will also review past reports, previous repairs, existing plans, and seek feedback from the residents or building tenants. We’ll want to know if the problem is widespread, which could indicate patterns of construction defect. Our licensed professionals can stamp these plans as required.


Once a full diagnosis is completed, we develop a scope of repair based on your budget, code requirements, and extent of the damage, and we get your input on updating the look of the building to increase property values. J2 has architects, engineers, and designers on hand to make your building healthy and beautiful.

We’ll create plans and details to explain the project to a contractor, provide documentation for the contract, and provide plans to the building department if a permit is necessary.

Hosting a contractor bid process is not only good business practice but often required by your governing documents. We’ll coordinate a bid process for contractors so you can compare them to make sure you are getting the best service at the best price. Bid results are often confusing, but we’ll help you interview contractors and select the best construction team.

We can also help you find financing options such as bank loans, energy rebates, and other discounts that are available to you. We can help you through the insurance process if a claim needs to be made.


Once we have a diagnosis and solution in place, we act as your representative to implement the project, making sure your project is completed correctly, on-time, and within budget.

We manage the project to keep the contractor on schedule, keep owners updated on the process and changes, and monitor the budget. During the project, we create weekly photo documentation and reports of construction methods and progress for your records.

We coordinate manufacturing requirements or additional testing for complete warranty coverage.

Our team will:

  • Attend project meetings
  • Update you and the residents on the project
  • Answer questions from the residents and other project team members
  • Communicate with contractors on your behalf

J2 will eliminate your stress, improve your building, and document everything along the way.

Once completed, we will provide you with a “close out binder” with all relevant project information for future reference.

After the project, we help you:


For a more detailed explanation of what to expect throughout each phase of our process, visit our About page.

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