Our Attorney Services


Do you have a client with a case involving construction defects or are you defending a client that has been named in a construction claim? Do you need help explaining, in layman’s terms, what happened and how to fix it? You know the law, we know construction.

As a consultant, we work to understand the purpose of the assignment and investigation. We get to the bottom of the issue and provide expert witness services to assist with your case. J2 Building Consultants has worked for the owner, the contractor, the subs, and even the carriers. We understand the process and we’ve seen the playbooks. We are experienced in deposition, mediation, arbitration, and trial testimony.

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Services we provide attorneys:

  • Claims review
  • Inspections and investigations for damage diagnosis
  • Scope of repair and pricing review
  • Joint investigations and joint expert scope development and settlement discussions
  • Assist with deposition question development
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Graphics and trial exhibit preparation