Clarity Call

Just as your doctor provides telehealth, we can provide virtual engineering services for anyone who is unsure if they need an engineer’s assessment. No copay, no retainer, we’ll answer your quick questions for free.

Our contractors are glad to have an engineer in their tool bag, and regular building owners and residents can give us a call anytime to ask us their questions and show us what problems they’re experiencing. We’re not afraid to give free advice and answer your building questions on the spot, we’re here to help! In today’s era of contact-less services, we want to answer your building questions without the hassle.

After our free call, if you’d like a more in-depth inspection or board coaching meeting, we can talk about options for inspecting your building virtually or in-person. The initial Virtual Building Doctor call saves you money and time, gives you a second opinion if needed, and provides quick expert answers for your building concerns.