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Why Hire A Building Doctor

Why you need a building envelope consultant on your team


J2 Building Consultants was founded by Jens Johanson in 2007 to guide forensic analysis and building envelope repairs for homeowners associations, building owners, property managers, attorneys, and contractors. As Building Doctors and experts in building enclosure, we diagnose the problem, prescribe repairs, and oversee the treatment process for your sick building. From locations in Washington, Oregon, and Utah, J2 has expertly managed projects across the country.






We diagnose, prescribe, and treat buildings damaged by construction defects, age, disaster, or neglect.


Full-service design and construction management firm specializing in building envelope design for existing buildings.



Building condition assessments, building envelope design and remediation, design and engineering services, comprehensive project management and construction administration services.


Our building design specialists are trained to perform independent quality assurance (QA/QC) field inspections to ensure that the building envelope systems are properly installed, per project plans, and manufacturer’s installation guidelines.


J2’s core mission is to provide help, hope, and happiness to owners of sick buildings. Building Envelope Consultants help multifamily and commercial building owners, HOA boards, and managers make their buildings work right again. J2 has developed a simple process to help you understand the problem you are facing, design the right cost-effective repairs and provide leadership to the repair process. Our specialized expertise in occupied residential and commercial water intrusion provides you with long-lasting and modern repair solutions, saving you time and money.

Every building presents a fresh set of challenges. Our goal is to build a relationship with you to truly understand your circumstances and be your representative in the repair process. Start with a free consult with our Building Doctors!