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Our Story

At J2 Building Consultants, we handle our projects as if they were buildings that we ourselves live and work in. Our team of professionals treats each other like family and we bring that same compassion and care to our clients and their properties. By having a strong workplace culture, skilled and trained experts, and happy employees we can not only deliver a great service, but also offer constant guidance through what can be a long and complex process.

“Without J2’s input and calming effect, the community would have lost faith in the board and in the project. It was really J2 who kept us on course, on schedule, and under budget.”
Andrea King

Condominium Manager

At J2, the team is a huge asset as we incorporate a wide variety of specialties under one roof. Everything our clients need exists within our organization. From architects and engineers, to designers and project managers, immediate access to expertise allows us to tackle complex issues quickly and operate more seamlessly.

Easy to Work With Building Repair Experts

Communication is key at J2. Our team is skilled at working with contractors, HOA members, property managers, and building occupants to encourage a painless repair process.

“We had very accurate information to present to the association for the owners to make their decisions, and to be satisfied with that decision. In the long run, our building is fully repaired, and the value has gone up significantly.”

Shannon Broughton

Issaquah Creek , Condominium Association

The end product always serves as a great reminder of what our work means to our clients and we take pride in making their buildings safer to live in. We love our work and the tangible difference it makes in people’s lives.

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