J2 is a full service Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Management firm with clients throughout the west coast. J2 specializes in preventing and solving building problems related to design, improper construction, and the harmful effects of water intrusion and decay. Our focus is on the remediation of occupied construction, which typically includes multi-family and commercial buildings. We are confident that we can Restore your Life, by Restoring your Building.
J2 Building Consultants, Inc.
J2 Building Consultants, Inc.September 2nd, 2015 at 7:12pm

Before rainy seasons begins, check out our video explaining four tools we use for non-invasive inspections. Keep us in mind for your 2016 projects. https://youtu.be/mHFSCKi34Mw

J2 Building Consultants, Inc.
Leak Detection Tools - J2 Building Consultants, Jens Johanson
Four leak detection tools J2 Building Consultants uses for non-invasive inspections.
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Who Does J2 Work With?


I would recommend J2…They are in my humble opinion one of the best in the business.
They worked hard to make sure the contractors stayed on schedule, tracked the costs of the project, inspected the work completed, and kept the board informed.
J2’s window performance testing demonstrated that the windows could be saved, in place, saving us $325,000 – thank you.
I have a very strong architectural/construction background. When you first started the project I was very impressed at how close your analysis of what needed to be done matched mine.
It has been great working with J2. I never worry about whether I am going to get this piece of information, or that question answered. I just know you guys are on it.
Community PresidentCommunity President
Your work for our community has always been professional, crisp and timely. Your partnership with us could not be more important. Thank you!
Past ClientPast Client
Before, when we worked with J2, we got things done. Let’s get them signed up again as our project manager.

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